Should I Get A Patent Before Talking To Customers?

No. As an investor in patents, I am willing to wait for the Second Patent.

In my business of financing patents for startup companies, I am usually willing to pass on the First Patent for a..

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Should I File A Provisional Patent Application?

You should almost NEVER file a provisional patent application. In virtually every case, a small company or independent inventor is better off by filing a complete, well-written, non-provisional..

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How Much Does A Patent Cost?  The Real Truth

In this article, we look at many different factors regarding the cost of patents:

How much does a patent cost?

What are the costs to just file a patent application?

Is micro entity worth it?

Is a..

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How Much Does It Cost To File A Patent?

How much does it cost to file a patent?  The US average is about $12k, but the total cost of a patent is closer to $60k.

Have you been quoted much less? There are plenty of patent attorneys who..

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Patent Enforcement Insurance Makes Your Company Valuable

Why should I get a patent? I don't have enough money to enforce it.

Many startup companies don't bother with patents because they don't think they can enforce them.  And they are right.  A patent..

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What Does A Quality Patent Look Like?

We evaluate patents every day. We underwrite investments in intellectual property, either for financing patents before they are written or for providing loans against patents that already exist. ..

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Provisional Patent

In almost all circumstances, an entrepreneur or startup company should NOT get a provisional patent application. The main purpose of the provisional patent application is to *delay* the patent..

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How Much Do Patent Attorneys Charge

The average patent costs about $60,000, and most of that goes to your patent attorney. How much do patent attorneys charge?  Be prepared to pay them about $45,000 through the entire process.


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Average Patent Cost

How much does the average patent cost? The average patent cost about $60,000.  The patent process involves two major phases.

Patent "preparation" is when the patent is originally drafted and filed..

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An NDA That Encourages Collaboration

BlueIron is now using the Ethical NDA in all our new engagements.  The Ethical NDA is available from the Ethical Collaboration Association, a 501(c)3 non-profit.

The conventional NDA ensures that..

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