What risk is BlueIron taking when financing a patent?

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Inventions Where BlueIron Does NOT Invest

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Patents are Call Options on Technology

The only way for your patent to be valuable is to bring a product to market.

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This post is an excerpt from my upcoming book "Startup IP..

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Financing Patents is Actually CHEAPER Than Paying a Patent Attorney

Financing patents through BlueIron is actually cheaper than paying as you go with a conventional patent attorney. This is because the cost of capital for startup companies is so high.

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Should I File A Provisional Patent Application?

You should almost NEVER file a provisional patent application. In virtually every case, a small company or independent inventor is better off by filing a complete, well-written, non-provisional..

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What Does A Quality Patent Look Like?

We evaluate patents every day. We underwrite investments in intellectual property, either for financing patents before they are written or for providing loans against patents that already exist. ..

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Provisional Patent

In almost all circumstances, an entrepreneur or startup company should NOT get a provisional patent application. The main purpose of the provisional patent application is to *delay* the patent..

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How Much Do Patent Attorneys Charge

The average patent costs about $60,000, and most of that goes to your patent attorney. How much do patent attorneys charge?  Be prepared to pay them about $45,000 through the entire process.


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Average Patent Cost

How much does the average patent cost? The average patent cost about $60,000.  The patent process involves two major phases.

Patent "preparation" is when the patent is originally drafted and filed..

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A good patent is easy to read

If you can't understand your patent application, neither can the patent examiner.

Many people tell me that they did not understand their patent application because their attorney used "legalese."..

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    For startup companies (or angel investors doing due diligence), we do free reviews of patents or strategies.

    Please note that we do NOT provide financing for independent inventors.

    Complimentary Review of Your Patents