Financing Patents is Actually CHEAPER Than Paying a Patent Attorney

Financing patents through BlueIron is actually cheaper than paying as you go with a conventional patent attorney. This is because the cost of capital for startup companies is so high.

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How Much Does A Patent Cost?  The Real Truth

In this article, we look at many different factors regarding the cost of patents:

How much does a patent cost?

What are the costs to just file a patent application?

Is micro entity worth it?

Is a..

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How Much Does It Cost To File A Patent?

How much does it cost to file a patent?  The US average is about $12k, but the total cost of a patent is closer to $60k.

Have you been quoted much less? There are plenty of patent attorneys who..

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How Much Do Patent Attorneys Charge

The average patent costs about $60,000, and most of that goes to your patent attorney. How much do patent attorneys charge?  Be prepared to pay them about $45,000 through the entire process.


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Average Patent Cost

How much does the average patent cost? The average patent cost about $60,000.  The patent process involves two major phases.

Patent "preparation" is when the patent is originally drafted and filed..

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